Monday, August 31, 2009

My Virtual Farm!

When I started playing Farm Town some two months ago, I was enjoying it so much and became addicted to it. From an Adept Farmer, I made my way up the ranks and have expanded it to the biggest lot available. It was a lot of hard work, I tell you. It took up a big chunk of my free time. Hehehe!

While playing I learned lots too. Like you could earn more for your crops if you hire somebody else to do it for you. And watering your neighbors' flowers can earn you coins too! And hiring other Farm Town players or your neighbors to plow for you saves you coins by 25% and 50% respectively, with both parties earning experience points. I also learned that harvesting and plowing for others can earn you lots of coins and xp points too! To earn coins, I contracted my neighbors firsthand to contact me if their crops are ready for harvest so I can harvest it for them! And that is how it happened that I moved up from Level 6 to Level 26 in two months' time. It could have been higher but I am happy with how things are going.

And this is how my Farm looks like today:

All the crops and trees are now ready for harvest. Wanna help with the plowing and harvesting?

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Kikit said...

Trying to tempt other bloggers to try FarmTown? Hehe :)

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