Saturday, August 29, 2009

Got Old Electronic Gadgets?

I am lucky to live in this generation. Life has afforded so many conveniences and comforts because of the development of Science and Technology. With these development came globalization. And with globalization came the Techie gadgets!

I think the first small, portable electronic gadget that I owned was a Walkman. Then cellular phones were developed and the others followed suit: digital cameras, mp3 players, hand-held PDA's and the like. I got hold of my very first cellular phone when I was in college. And since then, I lost track of how many mobile phones I have acquired throghout the years. There was also a hand-held PDA which I never got to use because the charger got lost and it was not available locally. Then there was a broken laptop, which was very useful and just broke down one day.

I have stowed them all away in boxes, taking up space in our closet and accumulating dust too! I am just too sentimental to throw them away because each item told a special story. And besides, these electronic devices need to be disposed of properly so I thought, well, maybe later!

And good thing I waited because now I can sell them at the best value! Ever heard of SellingBin? They help you get the best quote from buyers looking for the type of device you are selling. It's quite easy how it works. You just complete an online form appropriate for your item, then sends this data to its network of buyers for quotation. The quotes are then emailed directly to you within 48hours! You then choose the best quote and you're good to go! Easy, right?


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