Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When She Learns to Utter Some Words...

Hearing your little one say those few little words are I guess one of the most awaited milestones for Mommies and Daddies. You feel all excited, and happy, and delighted to hear such sweet words coming from your baby's/toddler's mouth!

My little one is now a pretty little girl, don't you think?

And just like any other parent, I am one of those happiest and most blessed to hear them for the first time. And despite the exhaustion and fatigue from lack of sleep and having so many things to do at so little a time, hearing those few words are just heaven. They never fail to ease all the day's exhaustion. And no matter how many times you've heard it, how they are said and the gesture that goes with it never fails to amaze and surprise me!

This was taken at Schlossgarten two days ago.
She has grown a lot since day 1!

Here are some words that she can now utter:
  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • Mama (if she wants something, she says this repeatedly while tugging my hand and leading me to that something)
  • Marnee (if she wants to watch her Barney videos)
  • Ba-bee (or Bambi, if she wants me to read the book Bambi to her)
  • Nein (pronounced as the number 9 if she doesn't want something)
  • Nam-Nam (if she thinks something she's eating is delicious)
  • Mamam (if she wants to drink her milk or water)
  • Ar! Ar! (if she sees an animal, on TV or a real one)
And gestures that melt my heart:
  • She would hug me fiercely if I ask for a hug!
  • She kisses us good night long and wholeheartedly, we literally run out of breath.
  • She sits on my lap if she wants a story to be read.
  • She can do the sign of the cross by herself. She just needs a little more practice though because she misses the "AND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT" part and jumps to "AMEN" and then claps in delight.
Thank you Sam! Mommy is happy that you are here to make her day crazy but a very exciting one! Daddy and I love you so much!

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Bambie said...

Very good baby sam.. Kaya na nya pala ako tawagin if ever, ba-bee lol.. SHe's such a sweet girl. I cant wait na rin to hear my baby's first clear words.. Lagi na lang kasi Papa and baba eh, minsan lang ang mama lol.. Regards kay pretty Sam. For good na ba kayo dyan sa Germany? Multi bilingual kid nyan sya if ever..

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