Thursday, August 27, 2009

To My Future Self

Dear Kikamz of the Future,

I hope all is well. I wonder how you look like as you read this. Are you already gray and old and bald? Nah, I don't think getting bald is in your genes. But I do hope you lost those extra pounds that you have been dying to shed. So how are the kids? There are 3 of them already right? Are they well and in college? I hope they are going to school and are doing well in their chosen courses. And while they are raised in a foreign environment, I hope they still practice the "Mano Po" each time they see their elders. They just warm my heart each time they do it you know.

And how is business? Did you manage to open that Hobby shop that you and Ate Shal have been raving about? I sure hope you did, or if not, I hope you have found a way to make the most out of your time and honed one of your special skills. And how is the Hubby? Is he teaching at the University as he always dreamed he would when he retires? Please do take care of him. He is a very good and loving man. He is for keeps, you know.

And I hope you have done all the scrapbooking that you have planned out in your head. And that you have travelled the world and your own country. I know, you should just take things one at a time, but I hope that by the time you read this, you are one happy old seasoned traveller and in the company of your loving Hubby.

This is my first entry to Letters That I'll Never Send, a Thursday meme. It was fun and I enjoyed it. Sorry Mys if it took a while to post this.


shal said...

Oh yeah! The Hobby Shop! We will have everything from all parts of the world. We shall be the premier Hobby Shop in the whole country! Im dreaming of a workplace within the shop where artists can hang out and make creative pieces. Of course what they make inside the shop becomes THS property. Hahahha!! Let's dream on K! I just ordered 20 packs of teacher stickers from the US and lotsa stampers too. hehe.

Mys said...

I love your entry. Heartwarming and at the same time cool. I hope that after a while, when you read it in the near or far future, you'll have fun reading it.

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