Friday, August 7, 2009

Don't Give Up On Me!

My new PC is going bonkers! I remember "bragging" :D about it here and I am just proud of this new baby. It has made my blogging life heaven!

But something is wrong with it. It would suddenly shut down without warning. It could be software incompatibility. Or conflict in hardware. Or whatever it is they call IT. It is really frustrating especially if I am working on Photoshop and I haven't saved the file yet because there is no way of recovering it. Or if I am doing my blog hops or tending my "farms" on Facebook. Hehe!

So I will say goodbye to it for the meantime and have it checked. It is still under warranty so that we can still get the full service for FREE from Acer. It should be back by next week, Tuesday at the earliest. This means there won't be much blogging or blog hopping from this day hence. My APOLOGIES. Although the laptop is working, I just couldn't take it away from the little one, who loves to watch her Barney videos in it.

So please bear with me. I will back to my old blogging routine once everything is ironed out!

Thanks a lot for checking in! May God bless your weekend! Viel Spass!


Enchie said...

Hi Kamz! baka na-virus. Most viruses come in undetected. I hope its just a simple glitch.

kamz said...

@ Enchie: I hope so too Ench!

Unknown said...

OmG thats a major disater, paano nlng ang blogging. cant live with out pc pa nman life natin ngayon hehehehe. I hope you pc makasurvive sa test niya heheheheh. Thabnks for the visit and comments kikams, smooches to baby sam.

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