Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Will Start Today

At least this is what I always tell myself each time I look in front of the mirror and see my neck beginning to disappear and my arms and belly getting bigger and bigger. But each time I resolve to start to exercise, I have always postponed it, always seeming to find an excuse for not doing it: house chores, blogging, little Sam wanting my attention, and the list of excuses could go on and on. All of them LAME (of course!) because I know I can make it a regular routine if I just have the discipline to do it.

And I know I should stop procrastinating before it's too late! My doctor told me months back that I should have regular exercise because I have a fat liver. And surely, I don't want to get things worse. So maybe tomorrow I will start... :D


pehpot said...

hey sis just a suggestion.. link up your Tuesday meme to the invitation page of the meme or to the search result page when you search for Tuesday Couch Potato: Couch Potatoes


pehpot said...

nagyon ko lang nabsa ung invitation mo to join Tuesday meme.. I will join starting Tuesday :)

naku fakes lang ung talon ko dun sa jumpshot ko, mukha lang syang mataas kase may trick.. ayaw ko lang talaga ipakita kase nga nanakot ang kilikili ko dun haha

after the contest I will share with yuo ang mga sikretos para maging maganda ang jumpshot mo hehe

Make or Break

niko said...

oi simulan mo na! baliktad tau ako naman prob ko pumapayat ako kahit same lang food intake ko.. :(

pero tlga ang hirap mag exercise ha! tom yobib and i will try to wake up at 430 and jog.. he badly needs exercise na rin eh! gudlak samen!! hahaha

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