Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finally, a DSLR!

Hubby and I love to travel, and with it comes the love for taking photos. Amateurs as we are in the field of Photography, Hubby knows that our Canon Ixy Digital 60 is not enough to capture all the beautiful landscapes, intricate frescoes and sculptures, and timeless monuments to each and every place that we go to. Which is why, during our July vacation to Italy, he finally made the decision to buy one. "Sayang" kasi ang opportunity to visit a very beautiful place if you can't capture what you want to capture. Not that the Canon was bad... it just lacks the features that Hubby is looking for.

The Nikon D5000 with VR lens.

I tell you, it was a big chunk off our savings but I guess it was well worth it. We can capture different scenes with ease, and even if our hands are not that steady, the VR lens made up for it. And I really love our new gadget because it was what I have been wishing for in a long time. ANd what's best, it is the latest Nikon D5000 (:D). Not too bulky as the Nikon D90 and it allows you to take videos with it too!

Goodbye blurry photos! Goodbye dark nightscapes!

Some flower shots that we took in Killesberg Park.

Hello vibrant colors and beautiful shots!


TH said...

I like to have that camera but costly here.

admin said...

congrats, that's also the DSLR my hubby and I have been saving for. We read so many good features of that camera. By the way, I missed your couch potato, i'll try to join next week.


Enchie said...

Great buy! Oo nga sa mga travels ninyo, you really need a dslr. Especially you're travelling Europe. Ganda!

Sana nilabas agad ng Nikon yan. Pinagpipilian ko dati D60 pero parang may kulang. At ayan na nga nilabas na nila ang solution sa kulang ng D60 at D40.


Mara said...

Nice camera! I also want to have one (even if it's not the latest model) for my food blog. It would take goooooood photos. :)

Chris said...

yipee for you! :D

admin said...

thanks sa comment sa blog ko maybe i'll try to learn about making money thru blogging para meron din akong extra income for my DSLR wish list - meron akong special tag for you :) Linky Love

fedhz said...

Yay! congrats! sayang talaga kung di mo ma-capture no. iba pa rin pag may "kodak moment" hehe.

maganda talagang investment ang camera, lalu na kung picture adik hehe. si bf din tagal pinag ipunan/pinag isipan kung bibili ba sya ng dslr. dati kase may slr na sya, kaso magastos sa film diba. at least to, battery na lang. super mura naman ng mga mem cards diba? ^^

Kikit said...

Great, great, great!!!

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