Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Samantha LIST

Well, our little Samantha Ysabelle is turning a year old 7 weeks from now. I can't believe how fast she's grown! It makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it. SIGH! How time flies!

We have decided to hold her first birthday and baptism in the Philippines so that she will be surrounded with family and friends on her very big day!

And as a mother, I just want to create something quite special and memorable for her. Here's the list that I have been itching to get started on and well, I haven't ticked off the boxes on most of them yet! Whew!

1. Create a Photobook of Sam's first year. I still need to make digiscrap layouts for this. So if you know of sites where they offer nice freebies, please let me know. I would need all the freebies (and some purchased kits) I can get my hands on!

2. Book for Samantha's Baptism at our local church. I have already asked Nanay (my mum-in-law) to do this. As for the date, it's going to be on March 1st, Sunday. I was pushing for a special baptism so that it can be done on Sam's birthday, February 28th, which falls on a Saturday but due to time constraints, will have to opt for the Sunday instead.

3. Reserve a venue for the reception. I still haven't done this yet since I am too far from the Philippines. Will have to ask my sis to do this for me after I'm done making the guest list which I think will be quite long (owing to the fact that there's so many of them who wanted to see Sam!) Hmm... Perhaps, we'll hold it in one of the restaurants that we frequent for special occassions.

4. Make invitations and save the date cards. I am still on the process of layouting these. Will be sending them to friends sometime in the next two weeks.

5. Book for Sam's cake. I loved our chocolate moist wedding cake and will probably get Ate Hazel's services again for Sam's birthday cake. I already have something in mind but will have to surf the net for an sample photo. Hehe!

6. Make Sam's baptism give-aways and party loot bags. Kids always love freebies and what better way to do it than have loot bags ready for the taking? I don't know what I'm going to place in the loot bags but there'll be chocolate goodies and candies of course. And perhaps something Japanese. For the giveaway, I haven't got any idea yet but I would like to do it myself... nothing beats like a handmade give-away right? Ideas anyone?

7. Book for a party performer. I want the kids to enjoy the party and for Sam to have all the smiles and laughs she can get out of watching these little children have some fun. Will research on this first since this would entail additional cost. :D

I want to make things simple yet fun as much as possible. After all, occassions such as this only comes once.

That's my list for now... Did I miss anything? Do let me know if I overlooked something.


Linda (AKA "Mommy") said...

I just want to create something quite special and memorable for her. Here’s the list that I have been itching to get started on and well, I haven’t ticked off the boxes on most of them yet! Whew!

shals said...

ang pari? hahahaha.

juliana said...

exciting! home bound pala kayo. it’s great that you decided to celebrate Sam’s simestone dates in the company of family. good luck sa party planning. it’s not that easy but with the help of family, it’s doable.

I’m done na with my utang na tag. the link is on my name. TY!

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