Friday, January 30, 2009

food Friday: Chicken Adobo

food friday

Here's one of my comfort foods each time I feel homesick and wants to satisfy my craving for that salty-sour-sweet taste: Chicken adobo. This dish is best cooked with the chicken skin on. I know, it is quite unhealthy but it is just yum!

How do I prepare my chicken adobo? I boil my chicken wings first to soften them up, then saute it together with the garlic and onions. I also save the soup stock and add it later to the sauteed mixture, allowing the flavors to seep into the chicken. After that, I add the soy sauce, some vinegar and a pinch of sugar for that slight sweet taste. Allow them to simmer for a few minutes until cooked. Be sure to sprinkle some freshly ground pepper for that added spice.

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Happy Friday everyone!

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Mica said...

Ayyy, chicken skin. Tasty and not really that good for you. I wonder if organic chicken skin is the lesser evil. LOL

I also like eating adobo when I’m homesick! I’ll try to remember sauteeing the chicken next time I’m homesick :-)

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