Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How Do I Love My Husband?

Now, here's a wonderful tag from Umma about the men of our lives, the one person we will share the rest of our lives with, our ONE and ONLY HUSBAND.

I met my husband in college in one of the university's social involvement organizations. We were both volunteers there and started out as very good friends. We were too close as friends, our friends would tell us. And the teasings would follow. The friendship gradually blossomed into love. There came a point in our relationship when I began to miss his mere presence in group meetings because he was busy at the Physics laboratory or at the volunteer office. He was such a very sweet, funny and caring person and it became impossible not to fall in love with him. I guess the feeling was mutual too because we became officially a couple a week after he confessed he has feelings for me.

Then we had to part ways during our senior year. He had to go to Japan on an undergraduate scholarship. It was a sad decision that we had to make. I was so used to doing things with him and it would never be the same without him anymore. But I also do not want to prevent him from doing what he loves to do. After all, we have our own lives to live and dreams and ambitions to pursue. So he went and we learned to make the best of what is available for us.

Thankfully though, there was already the Internet, voice chat and video chat so that communication is just a click away. It was hard to be in a long distance relationship. We were physically separated for six years with him visiting me in the Philippines in between school breaks. I agonized over the fact that he wasn't there to witness my triumphs and sorrows... and he agonized over the fact the I wasn't there to share with him the beautiful places he's been to. But we found comfort and solace in the knowledge that one day soon, we will finally be together. I knew then in my heart that he was the one. And I guess he did too. So here we are today, still together after 10 years of friendship and love and 2 years of marriage.

I love him more for being the man that he is...
strong, responsible, faithful and hardworking.
I love him more for being a good provider and for putting us on top of his list.
I love him more for accepting me for who and what I am.
I love him more for seeing to it that I am well and okay.
I love him more for all the wonderful times we've had and for being there
when the going gets tough.
I love him more for being a God-fearing Catholic and for leading
our family towards a prayerful life.
I love him more for being strong for me when I feel overwhelmed
with the tasks at hand.
I love him more for being passionate about life, his work and the family.
I love him more for taking care of our daughter whenever he can.
I love him more for loving me and for taking care of me all through the years.
I love him more for feeling more hurt each time he sees a tear on my eyes.
I love him more for understanding my moods and tempers and compulsions,
and for respecting and letting me be during my moments.
I love him more for sticking by me when it seems things have all gone awry.
I love him more for making me laugh in a cute, special way.
I love him more for the man that he is and for believing that men
who use force against women are "gay".
But most of all I love him more for loving me and for loving our daughter.
There can never be anyone else who could love me the way he does,
and for that, I am most THANKFUL.

I lovingly dedicate this post to my other half: my Husband. I love you Hanhan.

I'd like to know what their pretty ladies love about their husband:
Juliana, Ria, Wendy, Aeirin, Jade and Zriz


Jade-Momma Wannabe said...

Ohh thanks for this tag girl. What a beautiful tribute to your husband! May you have more years of beautiful memories together!

Enchie said...

I like how you call each other “han-han” :)

OMM said...

aww! a very heartfelt post… makes me wanna go home now from work and hug my hubby :) more years of love and friendship, i wish for the both of you. God bless!

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