Thursday, January 29, 2009

Remember The Songs?

February is just around the corner and with it comes Prom Season. For a lot of young people, it is one of the most awaited High School activity: the Prom Night. I've never been a big fan of Prom Nights. The thought of wearing a dress just isn't in my vocab. I just went because we were required to attend and we have to do ballroom dancing as one of our practical examinations for our P.E. class. Besides, I don't really have a date. The only consolation I have is that most of my friends in my circle don't have dates too! Hehe! And my all-time high school crush had been ignoring me for like ages as if he doesn't know me. I guess you already get the picture...

But just for the fun of it, let us go down memory lane and reminisce the good old, sometimes corny and mushy, songs that tickled our bones, made us blush or put a tear in our eyes. I can still remember them because even if I am not a big Prom Night fan, I am a hopeless romantic and was a "baduy" then. Hahaha!
  1. King and Queen of Hearts by David Pomeranz - We're the king and queen of hearts.. Hold me when the music starts.. all my dreams come true.. when i dance with you. This is usually the song for the last dance. And everyone is scampering to find a partner. The guys were hoping to dance with their crushes. The girls were hoping that their crush would ask them. Lucky are the Prom King and Queen and those who are couples for they are assured of a partner.

  2. On Bended Knee by Boyz II Men - Darling I.. I can't explain... Oh God give me a reason... I'm down on bended knee. Hahaha! After all these years, I can still remember the lyrics! Lol! Now, I don't understand why this was played on prom night. Maybe because Boyz II Men was a popular group at that time and because it was a hit.

  3. Somebody by Depeche Mode - I want somebody to share... share the rest of my life... Now this was an all-time favorite of mine. But I never got the chance to dance to this song. I guess I didn't have a ka-MU? Haha! What is with this song that it requires that you must dance someone who feel the way you do? I bet most of you have this for a theme song with your first BFs/GFs. Right?

  4. I Swear by All For One - I swear, by the moon and the stars in the sky.. For better or worse, till death do us part.. I love you with every beat of my heart... I swear! Is that a smile on your lips? I swear all of your are hoping to dance with your crush when this was played. Korek ako no? The lyrics do seem like a vow. Now tell me, did you end up with the person you were dancing with then?

  5. Sukiyaki by 4PM - It's all because of you.. I'm feeling sad and blue. If only you were here... A song for love lost? Or a lost love? Hehehe. Whatever! I guess if you had been rejected (i.e. never been asked to dance), you are entitled to blame others. Blame it on your crush, or your crush' date or even your dress! :D

  6. Fixing a Broken Heart by Indecent Obsession - You really know when to start.. fixing a broken heart. I never could understand what I'm going through. It must be a plan that lead me to you.. This was the song for those who were disappointed and making a big deal out of the fact that their crush didn't ask them for a dance and was saved by a dear bestfriend. Thanks bestfriend! What will we ever do without you?

  7. One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey (feat. Boyz II Men) - Darling, I never told you.. All I wanted to say. ANd now it's too late to hold you... And I know eventually we'll be together. One sweet day. Oh no! Now, this is one song which really sucked the breath out of me. There he was, dancing with a very good friend. In front of my very nose. Ouch. Parang dinibdib ano? Hahaha! Mind you, naiyak ako ha? I realized then that I wasn't numb and that I have lost. As if there was a battle to be won? Hihihi!

  8. You Were There by Southern Sons - You were everything I've never seen. You woke me up from this long and empty sleep.. I opened my eyes and you were there. Can I take your smile home with me? Or the magic in your hair? Naks! Why do I still remember the lyrics to this song!? Haha! But I guess old habits die hard. This is what I get for singing myself crazy in the shower. Those were the days.

  9. Remember Me This Way by Jordan Hill - I'll make a wish for you and hope it will come true. That life will just be kind to such a gentle mind.. If you lose your way, think back on yesterday. Remember me this way. To anyone who knows this song by heart, raise their hand. Every teen of that time must have seen the movie Casper. Who wouldn't drool over Devon Sawa then? Or Casper, the friendliest ghost there is?

  10. 25 Minutes by Michael Learns to Rock - AFter some time, I've finally made up my mind... Now, I don't see why this song should be played at a prom. Can somebody tell me? I guess this was a reminder for everyone to take courage of they'll be 25 minutes too late? Hehe! I loved this band by the way. But when their songs became sound tracks for countless Pinoy sexy movies, I lost interest. Too bad really.
So there goes my list. Comments? Questions? Violent reactions? I'd be glad to hear them all. Hehe!

Have a hearty Thursday everyone!

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shals said...

25 minutes??ugh! hahahaha! corny na karon pero memorize baya nako ni sauna. toinks.:)

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