Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Christmas That Was

It's finally 2009! With the flurry of things, I wasn't able to make a single post. I should have started the year with a new post but I guess, with so many things going on, blogging can wait until today. :D

So what did we do last Christmas?

For Christmas Eve, we went out to a yakiniku restaurant for dinner. This served as our Noche Buena... I didn't prepare a Noche Buena feast but opted to go out instead... I tried to keep things simple and practical for Christmas. Sam was very happy with her gifts though, which we opened when we got home.

While waiting for our Noche Buena feast!

Daddy as our official chef!

Baby Sam and her gifts!

Christmas Day saw us hearing mass at the St. Ignatius Church in Yotsuya. It's quite far from where we live, more than an hour by train but it was Christmas Day and we so wanted to hear mass that was celebrated in English. So off we went.

After hearing the Christmas Mass at St. Ignatius Church, Sofia University

After mass, we went to Roppongi Hills for lunch and sightseeing. Would you believe that it was my first time to go to Roppongi Hills? I mean, I have been to Roppongi but never really got to go around the area since my main purpose for going there was to conduct business at the Philippine Embassy. In the evening, we went to Tokyo Tower and I had a blast posing at the Trick Art Museum.

L-Window shopping! ;D R-The famed Lehman Brothers building.

L-Pledges to help stop global warming! R-Daddy pedaling away to light up the trees!

The doComo tree... by day and by night.

At the Mini German Christmas Market in Roppongi Hills

Watch out for spidey!

A view of the Tokyo Tower at night... It was beautiful!
My baby even made it more so. Don't you agree?

It was a fun and exhausting day since we didn't bring our car with us (parking is too expensive in Tokyo!) and we had to carry Sam in her stroller while going up and down the stairs at the different Tokyo Metro stations. Gosh! Most of the Tokyo Metro stations don't have any elevators around that we had to literally carry Sam in her stroller. Whew!

Now, I am still tired and exhausted. What with the thanksgiving get together that we prepared for January 2nd. And THAT is another story. :D

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Juliana said...

Oh I definitely agree your little one made the Tokyo Tower even more beautiful….she looks like an angel…

Thanks for the visit….hope your weekend is going great.

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