Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Of Thanksgiving and Gatherings

You may wonder what I have been up to these past few days. You can certainly say that I have been busy and yes, it was quite a long vacation. Hubby is back to work today after 11 days of winter holiday. While most of those of days were spent here at home for some movie marathons, playing with Baby Sam, and all three of us huddling and cuddling in bed, we did went out from time to time to get some fresh air and visit good friends.

The 30th, we went to visit the delos Santos sisters and family in Tokyo. These are among the close friends that we have here that we consider family. Ate Bem is Sam's godmother while her sister, Mama Sara, is our ninang in our wedding. We had a sumptuous meal of Sukiyaki courtesy of Ate Bem. It was my first time to try it and my, it was very good! Will post more photos in my Food Friday post this week.

Sukiyaki and me... "It's all because of you..." Remember the song? :D

So, what did we do on New Year's Eve? We just stayed home until it was almost midnight. At around 11:30PM we set off for church for the New Year's Day eucharistic celebration at 12MN. On the way, we saw some families out and about too. But they were off to the shrines and temples for the Japanese tradition of meeting the first day of the year there. They call this the Hatsumode. Some even drive to the coasts or climb mountains to witness Hatsuhinode or the first sunrise of the New Year.

However we meet the New Year, what's important is that we spend it with the family and with the hope that all shall be well the whole year through.

On January 1st, We were busy preparing for the small party that we were hosting the next day. I prepared fruit salad, lumpia shanghai, lechon kawali and humba, while Mama Sara graciously prepared dinuguan, bihon and tilapia sa gata. You can say it was indeed a feast!

A sumptuous feast for the bounty received in 2008 and for more blessings in 2009!

The reason for the celebration? It was our thanksgiving for all the blessings received in the past year. We wanted to share our blessings and we also wanted to welcome the New Year with our good friends. Most importantly, it was celebration for our 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary. Although the wedding anniversary itself was on the 3rd, we opted to celebrate in advance with friends so that we can have an "intimate" celebration as a family the next day.

Us with our good friends. Too bad Ate Jessica and family
have already left when this photo was taken.

Baby Sam was very happy playing with her Ate Reina and Ate Airi during the get together. Do visit Samantha's Own for some happy photos of her. Sam also received New Year's money called the otoshidama from her ninangs and friends from church. My, she's even richer than I am these days! Hehe!

So, I guess that was it! Hope everyone enjoyed their New Year!


Enchie said...

na miss ko ata ton entry na to :) of thanksgiving, gatherings and food!!!!

juliana said...

kakagutom naman specially that tilapia sa gata. anything seafood does it for me.

dami ko na yatang utang na tag hehe. btw, in case you didn’t catch it , I have posted the hubby list tag sa lair blog ko: http://julianaslair.com/2008/12/26/the-list-2

I will do the other memes soon.

belated happy anniversary!

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