Friday, January 9, 2009

Food Friday: Sukiyaki

food friday

Are you familiar with sukiyaki? You might think it is the song.. but nope, it's not! It's a Japanese dish consisting of leafy veggies, mushroom, spring onions, and thinly sliced meat. The ingredients are laid out on a pot with hot plate, the sukiyaki sauce poured unto the pot and then heated until the veggies and meat are cooked.

This is best enjoyed with raw egg. Place a raw egg on a bowl and then get some veggies of your choice, meat, and mushroom from the still simmering sukiyaki, mix and enjoy while hot! Be careful though not to scald your tongue!

I thought that I wouldn't like it at first knowing that there is raw egg in it. But the raw egg does get cooked since the what you put into it are still steaming hot! And my, it was just YUM! And just perfect for the cold weather here... It's freezing outside and winter is far from over!

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Happy Friday everyone!


Kitchenmaus said...

Hai! Tabemashou! We love anything jap! :)

Enjoy your weekend! Genki de ne!

Umma said...

I tried the Sukiyaki once but I didnt like it bec its kind of sweet.. I better eat Bulgogi hahaha

maiylah said...

reminds me of shabu-shabu … and this is a healthy treat! :)

thanks for playing again, K
enjoy your weekend!

ps. love your presentation! :)

Jay said...

me want sukiyaki too :)

my entry is here

Great day for us Food Friday Eaters :)
Thanx for the Visit :)

Enchie said...

lahat ng food blog mo like ko matikman :) kakagutom!

Zriz said...

Oh I thought it was the song! hehehe That soup sounds yummy! I love raw egg with soups (the broth should be super hot though)

Serving mine HERE

Kitchenmaus said...

Hello! I’m actually in Vienna :) Though German is also the language here, we seldom visit Germany (my in laws are in N├╝rnberg)…Sana wag mashado malamig pag lipat nyo, makikibalita na lang ako pag visit sa blog mo ;-)

Mira said...

I love sukiyaki and any Japanese food actually. Good for you you get the authentic dishes there, and I’m sure its very expensive, lol.

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