Thursday, January 22, 2009

On Hibernation Mode

The last few days, I had been silent. Didn't make any drops, write posts or visit my other friends' blogs. You could say that I hibernated. I didn't go anywhere though... we just stayed here at home and I enjoyed the company of baby Sam. I just felt too lazy the past few days and thought that taking time off from blogging would do me some good. And did it?

I don't know... I sure did miss everyone and the moment I checked on my friends' pages, I realized that so much has happened in their lives. I saw the beautiful photos of Yena's baptism and 1st birthday celebration which was evidently a success! I learned that Umma loves to cook and read about her yummy stir fry. And that Enchie has changed her blog layout yet again. Nurse-Mommy Cookie has had an wonderful birthday and welcomed a new member of the family. And so much more! (Forgive me if I failed to mention my other friends! :()

But the hibernation gave me some time for myself too... I got to enjoy longer baths and the luxury of soaking in a warm tub. I got to sleep longer, keep the house tidy and made breakfast for the husband. I realized it has been a while since he had his breakfast with me. And I missed those days. I'm also in a better mood and in a happier disposition. Hehehe!

SO now I am back. Happier and ready to take on the world! Hihi! (As if I got defeated in some battle...) There are so many things running through my mind right now though. Like Sam's birthday celebration and baptism in the Philippines next month, the Information visit to Germany next month too, the pasalubongs to buy, and the bags to pack among other things. But I guess, that's another story. ;)


Enchie said...

hi Kikamz…enjoy your time with baby Sam…we’re just here.have a lovely weekend!

niko said...


kaya pala nagtataka ako at nawawala ka dear! :) hibernation mode?!! haha naku pag nasa bahay ako with yena i cant seem to blog nor blog hop.. dito sa office nkkasilip ako sa blog, pag sa bahay.. nungka! :) i have my eyes glued on yena all the time hehehe

am happy ur back now!! kakamiss ka bruha ka! hahahaha

kiss mo ko kay sam!!! mwah mwah. at eto pa yakap na mahigpit. mmmmmmmmmm

Cookie said...

wow, makaibog man pd na oi. I want to hibernate, too! hehehe…. Ow, you’re going home next month? pwede pa gate crash sa baptism and birthday ni sam? ahehehe….
Bitaw, time flies so fast no? as if yesterday lang ka ng give birth kay baby sam. now she’s almost a toddler na. nakaka miss baya.. So, for the meantime, enjoy your days in Japan kay hapit na raba mo mg sayonara diha. Take care and God bless you all in there.

Juliana said...

Good for you for taking that time for you. We need to do that every now and then. Blogging becomes less fun when it starts to feel like it’s an obligation.

I hope your weekend is going well…


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