Thursday, September 11, 2008

Of Hurricanes and Earthquakes

It is still the early part of September and already we see natural disasters strike across different parts of the globe. If this continues at this rate, which I am hoping and praying to God will not, all of us would not have such very happy holidays.

I was watching CCN Today this morning when I learned more of the BAD weather news.

Hurricane Ike is still working its way to wrecking more havoc and damage after crashing Cuba and ravaging the buildings of Havana. Ike is said to hit the coast of Texas or Northern Mexico this coming Saturday. There have also been speculations that Ike can become a catergory 4 hurricane when it reaches the coast of Texas. Evacuation of the counties likely to be hit have now started evacuation.

Two high magnitude earthquakes also shaked Indonesia and Northern Japan just this morning. The earthquakes happened 21 minutes apart and have a magnitude of 6.6 and 6.9 respectively. Because these earthquakes' epicenters were offshore, tsunami warnings were issued. Thankfully, there were no destructive tsunamis nor were there any injuries reported.

With all these disasters taking their toll on humanity, I am praying that those affected, injured, or lost a family member may be consoled by the fact they were saved. And let us all include in our prayers all those who will be affected by hurricane Ike and those affected by the quakes that they may survive these circumstances.

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