Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ah, To Be Grateful!

When we wake up every morning, we give thanks for the gift of life. Just the fact that we wake up in the morning is something to be grateful for! Indeed, we are lucky to have been able to wake up. Others are not so fortunate.

When we are able to see God's creation, in all its splendor and glory, we give thanks for the beauty of life. God's greatness is manifested in the morning dew, the roar of a waterfall, the cool mountain breeze, the bees buzzing in the meadows, the birth of a child, sunrises and sunsets, children's laughter, the vastness of the sky and the ocean, the smile of a friend. Yes, there is beauty in all things, big and small.

When we emerge victorious in the challenges of life, we give thanks for the ability to make choices and face the consequences. Because not all of us are brave enough to take risks. Not all of us are brave enough to decide for ourselves.

When we are able to do things because we are capable, we give thanks for the ability to do so. Some are not as fortunate as we are. We can see, some are blind. We can hear and speak, some are deaf and mute. We can walk, some are crippled.

So the next time you complain about how unfortunate you are, then think again! If you are having a hard time, remember that you are going through this phase so that you may better appreciate what is easy. You can only see the beauty of the rainbow after a raging storm. So be strong! And be grateful for life.

Happy weekend everyone!

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jona said...

thanks..i truly appreciate this..have a wonderful weekend. :-)

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