Friday, September 19, 2008

Food Friday: Custard Cake With A Kiss Of Lemon

food friday

This yummy custard cake with a kiss of lemon is from Fujiya, a famous patisserie here that has been operating for more than twenty years now. If you want quality cakes, look for the "F". Enjoy your cake!


maiylah said...

am so sure that tastes real good!!! yum!

thanks for playing this week again, K! :)
happy friday!

FamiliaKhuletz said...

Thanks for dropping by our Food Friday. Wow custard with lemon…sounds and looks delicious!

ces said...

wow! F for Food Friday!:) hehe…yum!

Zriz said...

Wow! I have such a sweet tooth! That looks yummy!

Serving mine here: Food Friday: Soups

G_mirage said...

Wow, that looks real tempting! It looks so soft and yummy!

julie said...

I love custard cake :)

mousey said...

F for fantastico!

happy weekend!

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