Thursday, September 4, 2008

For My Mama

It's the 4th of September and this is one of my most awaited times of the year because it's my mother's birthday. Yes, I love my mother. And I am not ashamed to tell it to the whole world. Today is her 58th Birthday and this is the second year when I am not around to celebrate it with her. But even if distance separates us, always know Ma that you are always in my heart and thoughts.

My mother is not a perfect one but she has made my life a very meaningful one... I will not be where I am now without her constant guidance, love and care. She has taught me to be patient, to wait for the right moment. She has always been persevering in all her endeavors that I too learned to be one. Her simplicity has allowed me to see for myself that simplicity is beauty. Her faith in God has guided me to the right path, allowing me to live a good life that is centered on God, and her belief that God hears and answers our prayers have led to a life of prayer, trusting and having faith in the Lord. She has always encouraged me to pursue my interests may it be singing, dancing, painting, drawing, writing, reading. Talents are meant to be honed and used and shared with others she used to tell me, so that when God asks what I have done with the gifts he had given, I would have an answer.

My mother is all this and more. And words are not enough to express how thankful I am for having a mother like her. I hope that I have also been a good daughter to her. Know always Ma that you are the wind beneath my wings... and now that I am a mother, I will teach to my children the good values that you have taught. And just like you, I will strive to be a good mother to Sam. Thank you, Ma for loving me unconditionally.

Mama, about to hand me my boquet on my wedding day.

Moi and Mama on my wedding day.

Happy! Photo taken during Lolo's birthday memorial.

At my sister's place. With cuz Dennis, nephew Miggy, and Moi.

Close, open, close open. Mama teaching Miggy how to close and open his hands while smiling at the camera. With her is Papa.

Mama, Miggy and Moi who just arrived from work.

The proud Lola at the reception of Miggy's baptism..

Christmas at my cousin's place. An annual family
gathering that has become a tradition.

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Günther Sunshine said...

nice pics, and i think thats nice that you post something about your mom =) sweet

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