Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy & Worried

Lately, I find myself feeling happy and worried at the same time. Why, you may ask?

I am happy for all the joys that being a wife and mother brings. The little surprises never cease to amaze me and the little milestones of my baby Sam never cease to brighten up my day. When I see Sam developing at a rate that is just right - not too soon and not too late - I am reassured that perhaps, I am doing the right thing. There are also opportunities that come along every now and then, so that I am never left with nothing to do. This make life just a little bit more fun and challenging for me. I thought that being a stay a home mom will bore me to my wits, but I was wrong. All it takes then is a little creativity, an internet connection and voila! I am now a die-hard blogger and a freelance writer. Hehe!

Grabbing her feet and playing with them is Sam's favorite past time.

She loves to roll over any chance she gets!

But I am worried too... because Sam is now very active. At six months, she is capable of doing new things like grabbing her feet and playing with them, and she can now roll over. These are things that I should be excited and happy about, right? But why am I worried? I am worried that she might bump her head on a post in her crib or that she might fall off our bed. Which is why, whenever she plays, I see to it that I am with her. You never know when accidents happen.

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