Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WWF Sticker Collection

The supermarket where we usually buy our groceries has another very wonderful promotion, this time it is for kids. It is called "WWF Sammelspa├č", and as you can see in the image, it is about the many different species of animals of the world. This is a joint effort of the World Wide Fund for Nature and Rewe.

To participate, one only needs to purchase the album, and with the purchase, €0.50 is donated to the WWF. Then you just need to collect the stickers. And I love the sticker printing with its brilliant colors and very good quality. The fun part is that the collectible stickers are for FREE. You get one pack with 5 stickers inside for every €10.00 purchase. But sometimes, some cashiers will give you 3 packs with your €13,78 purchase so it depends. Hehe!

This is totally one cool way for children and adults alike to learn about the different animal species since it is not just purely stickers. There is a wealth of information about the animals. Do you know for example that the large garden snail has up to 40,000 teeth on it's tongue? Now that's something very interesting.

There are 180 stickers to be collected and we still have a long way to go. The checklist at the back of the album helps a lot to keep track of what we still need. There will be a "sticker trade" this Saturday so we will surely go so that we can trade the stickers that we don't need for the ones that we don't have yet. 

My little girl enjoys the sticking part so much that I see to it that I get to take home even just one pack after I purchase something from the supermarket. This sticker collection is becoming a hobby for us. And its one fun, inexpensive activity too.

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