Friday, May 6, 2011

GT: A Summer To Remember

The Summer of 2009 was one of my most unforgettable summers because it is our first summer in Europe and being the wanterlust that we were, we were all over the place. We went on a three-week road trip traveling in between Austria, Germany and Italy and visited its major cities and attractions.

At the beautiful baroque Schonbr├╝nn Garden in Vienna, Austria.

The family just needs to take the Gondola ride in Venice, Italy.

A quick family photo on top of St. Paul's Cathedral in Vatican City.

Visiting the ruins of the Coloseum in Rome, Italy. Think Gladiator!

Never did I expect that I will get to visit places Vienna in Austria, Munich in Germany and Venice, Rome and the Vatican City at my age. And we really had a grand time! For those of you who have been following this blog since 2009, I am sure you are all familiar with our travel escapades in these places. Being the lakwatsera that I am, I can never run out of places to go to even if it is just for the weekend. I have an unwritten of places that we have yet to visit and I wonder where our next summer getaway will be.. I hope it will be somewhere where we can soak up in the water, climb trees, chase one other in a field and just have a relaxing time in the great outdoors. We'll see!

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Girls Talk


kimmyschemy said...

wow! what can i say? it's AWESOME! i wish i could go to Rome someday, lol!

care to visit my ENTRY?

darly said...

hi gurl, missed you and your movie meme na. haven't seen you in a while (well perhaps its me, hehehe)- anyways if and when we go to Europe, id ask you to be my resource person so you can point to us the best places to go.

Here's my GT entry, hope you check it out too
I Love Darly!
Food and Passion

The Reason You Come said...

That's definitely one summer to remember! Those must be some of the most romantic places on earth! Dropping by from GT. :)

Beauty Queen Gene said...

inggit much! lagi naman when you're posting pics from there. it's so gorgeous in germany! if i have to move to another country, germany would be on top of my list!

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