Friday, May 20, 2011

Beads... Lots of Beads

There was a point in my adult life when I had a fascination and inclination for beads. I would pore over various bead designs and collect them. I literally had a horde of bead designs in my hard drive. Unfortunately, I wasn't really able to work on these beading projects because I had no time to do them. I already had my baby then and so it was impossible for me to pursue these projects. I also lack the basic equipment and of course, a collection of beads themselves.

I have wanted to buy and collect stone beads, wooden beads, glass beads and Swarovski Crystal beads in various shapes and sizes when we were still in Japan because there was a hobby shop near our house. When we moved here in Germany, it was at first difficult to find your way around but now that I've been accustomed to the city and found my way around, I now know where I can get them. There is also this Hobby shop that does not only cater to beading but to other hobbies as well so that it is a little haven for someone like me who has a huge interest in anything hand made.

So just wait till I find the time... there will surely be lots of handmade products to create and explore!

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