Thursday, May 19, 2011

GT: Favorite Summer Activity

I've been participating in this Girls Talk meme irregularly. I hope Her Kayness will pardon me for the occasional entries. Needless to say, my crazy schedule at the University doesn't afford me much time to update my blogs. I don't even find much time to comment on my TCP participant's entries.

So anyway, GT's theme today is Favorite Summer Activity. I can't wait for June to come because that means I have one week break. It's called Pfingstferien here in Germany and I don't know the proper translation for it. It could be Pentecost holidays or Whitsun holidays or for students, simply put as spring break. And our favorite activity? Traveling of course. But this year, we want to do something different. Instead of visiting a new place and going sightseeing around the city, we will be staying in a camping park and just go hiking, flying kites, swimming if there is a pool, or something like that.

Grill Party last 2009 at Nanay Cata's garden.

Aside from traveling, summer is the perfect time to grill parties. We usually have grill parties with our friends either at the park, or at a friend's garden. There are lots of grill party invitations lined up for this summer and I am excited. Would love to eat Pinoy-style barbeque again... Hihi!

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Clarissa said...

Kaka-inggit naman!I'm sure magbabahaan ang mga foodies nyan!Invite me,malakas akong kumain^_^

JonaBQ said...

yea, pag summer sarap nga naman mag-grill :D here's my my GT.

anne said...

Grilled pork would be the best food for summer especially when you it at the beach btw here's mine Anne’s Sweet Life, thanks

kimmyschemy said...

wow! talk about nature-tripping.. sounds kind of wholesome and more healthful, lol!

care to visit MY ENTRY?

Beauty Queen Gene said...

when you go home to the phils marce, we'll prepare pinoy-style bbq for you, sure yan ^^

sarap nature trip. lalo jan. ganda jan grabe. ampunin mo na me. para jan na ko titira. hahaha!

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