Saturday, May 14, 2011

When Do You Start Toilet Training Your Child?

This is one of the questions most first time moms raise by the time their little ones reach the age between two and three. This is because at around three, they would start another phase in their lives and enter Kindergarten. Some Kindergarten won't accept children if they are not yet toilet trained, some do. It depends on the institution.

So the question remains: When do you start toilet training your child? Some would say to toilet train them before the age of three, before they reach 34 months, or something like that. I have read articles about toilet training children and they provided different tips and advice. There really isn't a right time because each child is different. Some start at age two, some start later. One thing is for sure though. The earlier your child learns to go to the toilet, the more savings on diapers you can get. :D

My little girl, who is three years and two months just recently started her toilet training. She started last Monday, at the Kindergarten when she voluntarily took off her diaper and went to the toilet by herself. Her teacher asked if she would like to go to the toilet from then on and she said YES and that is the start of our toilet training journey. I send her to the kindergarten without diapers anymore and she seems to like the feeling. Maybe because she has seen most of the kids in her group are going to the toilet already and is one of the few who has a diaper on. So why not she go too?

Of course, she gets into more than one accident in a day. She forgets about going to the toilet especially if she is busy drawing or playing. The teachers said that really happens. So we had to always be prepared with extra underwear and pants. I have a washload of wet pants and undies in just two days!

If you are busy like me, you wold of course be tempted to just let her wear diapers because you wouldn't have to watch her every move. But once your child starts toilet training, you really have to be consistent and patient. And you need to take them to the toilet before your leave the house so that they wouldn't pee in their pants on the way to your destination. When they wake up in the morning, you had to lead them to the toilet to pee. Observing the times when they would pee and poo during the day really helps a lot to get them to go to the toilet in a certain rhythm. It is a lot of work but if you have a cooperative child, things will get easier and soon, you will be able to finally say "goodbye nappies".

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