Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Clothes for Little Kids

I was cleaning my little girl's closet last weekend and wanted to set aside the winter clothes as they will no longer be needed. They have also eaten up a lot of space in the chest of drawers because they are mostly thick and bulky. While putting them away, I realized that I have sent most of the summer clothes that she had from last year to the Philippines so that she only has a few left for this summer. And now that she is having toilet training, she will be needing more than a set of change of clothes both in the kindergarten and here at home. Counting the shirts and shorts that she has available, one can say that there is a "major deficit in the supply".

There is therefore a need to buy her some new summer clothes that she will still be able to use in the next summer season. I have been eyeing some baby clothes Personal Creations and found them really nice. My daughter love Elmo and Dora and a bunch of other characters and seeing her name beside these characters will definitely make her happy. I can already imagine her big toothy grin as she wears this red elmo bucket hat with "SAMANTHA" written beside it. This hat will just perfect to protect her face from the scorching heat of the sun and it will be very easy to recognize her from a crowd. This hat and many other items will totally complete her summer clothing.

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