Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Hanhan!

Finally! We are now even! Lol!

You often joke about me being older than you... a month older or shall I say, twenty nine days older than you. And now that it's your birthday, you can't joke about me being older than you because we are now of the same age. Ha!

Now on to the serious stuff. I wish you good health Hanhan. May you fully recover from the nasty dust allergy so that you wouldn't have to feel uncomfortable, even here at home. May God answer your prayers, prayers that I know always includes our family. I thank God for the gift that you are. You have always been our strength and our constant companion and despite your crazy schedule at the office, you still find the energy to make yourself available to others. May you continue to be a blessing Hanhan. Samantha and I love your so much!

Happy Birthday! God bless you always.

1 comment:

Kikit said...

Happy one year wiser, Binsoy! Amping pirmi.

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