Friday, May 27, 2011

Mafia Movies Anyone?

I enjoy watching movies. I guess it is one of the habits that I find hard to break. Even if it is an old movie, I would still watch it to satisfy my curiosity. It doesn't matter if I end up disappointed as long as I get to see it and am able to get an impression of it. Movies are after all, meant to primarily entertain and deliver a message.

One of the movies that never fail to perk up my interest are the Mafia Movies. I always associate it with black hats, wooden canes, big rings and cigars. Now the cigars are always interesting because you had to wonder whether they really smoke it or do they just chew on it. I have never tried a cigar in my entire life but I do know that you can purchase acid cigars online.

But enough of that. Let me share to you a list of the Mafia Movies that I have watched and loved:

The Godfather Sequel
The Departed
The Dark Knight
Pulp Fiction

And best actor ever to play Mafia roles? Al Pacino, who else? How about you, do you also enjoy Mafia Movies?

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Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of mafia movies and I just saw a really great film about John Gotti's early years in the New York Mafia titled "At the Sinatra Club". The film was written by legendary author Salvatore Polisi, who besides being the former right hand man of John Gotti, was also one of the first crime family members to defect from the Mafia and turn State's evidence against John Gotti and the Mafia. I got the film at Redbox last night after my co-worker told me he really enjoyed watching it, and I have to say I would absolutely recommend it!

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