Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When Are You Coming Home?

"Wen Mo Manguli?" in our dialect.

I had the opportunity to chat with many of my cousins today. They were gathering at my Tatee's home to celebrate the third birthday of my beloved nephew Miggy, and to celebrate Tatee's birthday in advance. Gawd, they were a noisy lot, those cousins of mine and I can't help but feel nostalgia closing in. One by one, I heard their voice and saw their happy faces. One by one, they took turns in front of the laptop and chatted for a few minutes with me and Sam. Each conversation started with "Kumusta na man mo Te?" How are you doing there? and followed by "Wen mo manguli?" When are you coming home?

I of course gave them a matter of fact answer, "Hopefully next year, God-willing." It tears my heart to realize that they are very eager to see us again, the only family member who is thousands of miles away. Which made me search for cheap flights to see if it is possible to come home sooner. How I wish the Philippines is just a stone throw away so that it would be easier to visit them whenever we please. But I have to live with the fact that indeed, we are too far away and I can only hope that one of these days, we will finally be able to come home...


Dee said...

Hi Kikamz, bisaya ka pala, bisaya din ako. Yes, hopefully, you can go home soon. We'll pray for that! Happy new year!

Chris said...

hope to meet you in person when you do come home to the Philippines!

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