Thursday, January 14, 2010

Girl Talk: That First Date

When I was still a teenager, I used to spend my free time daydreaming. I have always imagined how my first date would be like: that kind of first date that one sees in those romantic comedies. But my first date was far from all those romantic, mushy stuff. Needless to say, it was unexpectedly sweet and kind of cute.

I was in college when I had my "first date". Quote and quote because it wasn't officially a date. And he wasn't my boyfriend YET. We were very close friends then when we, just the two of us, watched a movie for the first time after our classes. Initially, we were to watch the movie as a group but all of them decided to back out at the last minute, saying that they need to head to the library for some research work or that they need to be somewhere else. Talk about lame excuses. I smell conspiracy here! Anyway, since it was all planned out and I was looking forward to a relaxing movie, I guess he was "forced" to accompany me. Hehe!

I can't remember for sure what the title of the movie was since I didn't consider it a special one. But I do remember feeling something new and different then. I became frightened of that feeling at first but as I got to him better, I realized that he is someone special.

I won't publish here how we came to be. Let that remain a mystery to you all. Besides, if I would, it would stray from the theme of the week, or?

How about you? How was your first date? Share it with us here on Girls Talk!


Random WAHM Thoughts said...

naks movie date din pala ang iyong first date. hihi. ako natatandaan ko kasi hindi pangdate ung movie na yun e. hahaha!

nuts said...

you shared it well here, :) what you came to be might be the next theme for GT.. :D happy weekend Kikamz..

niko said...

aw. to be continue ang drama kamz.. hulaan ko.. its hubby right??? ihhhh diba sya lng one and only bf mo.. hehehe

sweeetness... :) kilig ako ha..

seee u on thurs.. oi i shall see u and read ur post hehe

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