Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mommy Moments: Sam's New Fave

I know, I know... Mommy Moments on a Tuesday? Why not? Hehe!

I promised Marce Chris that I will make up for my missed Mommy Moments last Friday so here it is. The theme is all about our little ones' new favorite. True enough, just as you thought you already know what your kids love, something new comes along and it becomes their favorite. And that doesn't excuse my little Samantha.

Here are her new favorites:

Her new toy from Fisher Price which she loves. It's part of their discovery series toys for toddlers up to 3 years old. This was our gift to her for Christmas. The stackable blocks have cute smiley faces and they move up and down as if they are hiding. It also plays very cute melodies each time the movable parts are used.

Her Minnie Mouse doll that her Tita Anne gave her for Christmas. She calls her Mimi and she brings it with us during our roadtrips. She loves to chew on her ears. Poor Mimi!

Her new favorite cartoons: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which here in Germany is entitled "Micky Maus Wunderhaus" and the newest from Playhouse Disney, Special Agent Oso. I am glad our media receiver has recording capability so that I could just save the different episodes and then replay them if my little one demands it. Whenever she wants to watch her favorite shows, she would give me the remote and say Mimi, Kee, or Oso, depending on what she wants to watch. Cute eh?

mommy moments


Chris said...

uy, mickey mouse playhouse din gusto nya! :D

hehehe.. pasensya na auto close kasi is mcklinky by tuesday eh.. :)

see you again this friday ha! :D

Seiko said...

Totoo, i even thought that i already knew their favorite but it already changed. I'm glad i joined coz i learned my kids new favorite about random things. Cute ni Samantha. :D

jo.frougal said...

That is one powerful remote control, it's voice-activated and gives kisses and hugz and gifts, too! LOL!
Kikamz - about the nail art, you go, girl, I'm rooting for you!

Karen Chayne said...

wow! that fisher toys and mickey mouse playhouse is so cool! My daughter would surely love that also cause she is a huge Mickey Mouse fan.

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