Monday, January 25, 2010

TCP#23: Legally Blonde

Welcome to the January 26th edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes where we post about a movie each week. This week's theme is Order in the Court. If courtroom dramas and legal jargon amaze you, if you are IN for the truth and the righteous, and simply enjoy seeing people in coats and ties, rushing about their cases, then this is your theme!

BUT, as always, here's our theme for last week: Girl Power movies. Eickcaj of Living Life to the Fullest featured Mano Po 6: A Mother's Love, a Filipino film starring Sharon Cuneta. Find out why she thinks this is a Girl Power movie.

And now for my pick this week: Legally Blonde. Don't get me wrong, I have always loved courtroom drama movies but they are just all too serious. I know other Couchers will post about them so I have chosen this 2001 comedy film starring Reese Witherspoon instead. When I first watched this movie, I thought it would be just another chick flick but there was more to it. It was funny and Elle Woods has proven to herself and to the world that there is more to her than just shopping, fashion and blonde hair. She realized that getting herself into law school was the best thing she ever did. She managed to win a case for a fellow sorority sister, a friend, and a real man for a boyfriend. If you want to find out more about the movie, watch it! Hehe!

Anyway, here's a trailer taken from

Come join us this week! Don't forget to enter your TCP link to the MckLinky below so others can come visit you too!

Thank you for joining us this week! Next week is LOVE Month and to be in tune with the Valentine spirit, we will feature movies about LOVE for the entire month of February. For February 2nd, we will feature our Favorite Love Story Movie. Happy TCP everyone! I hope to see you all again next week! Hugs!


Chris said...

i loved this movie!

Maria Magcauaus said...

Hehe! First to join! Thanks for this meme, I guess this one is my fave!

grace said...

ill make my entry asap!

rossel said...

I've watched this movie and loved it. Reese Witherspoon justified her character. This is a movie that will make you laugh and is worth your time. Mine is up now.

Happy TC!

jo.frougal said...

I hope mine counts. It's not a courtroom movie, per se, but there's a trial in the movie, much like a courtroom scene, too. &#9786

Mys said...

i love Elle Woods. so refreshing. I have a lawyer friend, my roommate in college who reminds me of Elle. She's a fashionistang lawyer.

nuts said...

i'm beginning to love courtroom scene now.. haha.. will find time to watch this movie too. :)

Seiko said...

I'm late sis.Tinapos ko pa kasing panoorin ulit ang entry ko nakalimutan ko na ang story.I don't much on court room movies so very few of it I have had watched like my entry The Juror.I am not quite sure if I am on the right track hehe.
I hadn't seen this movie before.When it comes to a movies like this about the court,my father knows more :D

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

I enjoyed watching this movie though, kikay na kikay si reese Witherspoon which is very imposible for a pinky-ish girl will make it to law schol and win the case hehehe. Well, that what movies are for, make the impossible into possible hehehe

My entry is way way late mommy kikamz hope you visit mine.

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