Friday, January 8, 2010

Moving Out In 2012

We have two years more to go before hubby's international assignment here in Germany ends. And I know that whether we decide to stay here for good or go back to Japan, it would mean packing up and moving. Moving to a new house (a smaller and cheaper one) should we decide to stay here for good or moving to another country should we decide to go back to Japan. That would also mean that there would be adjustments to be made in terms of the neighborhood, culture and even language. That would also mean that we would also have to adjust in terms of the regular TV shows that we will be watching.

It would indeed be nice if you could take the TV shows you watch with you, wherever you may be. If you are in the US and are moving from one state to another, then you should check out It helps you find Direct TV service in your locality. There is Direct TV in New York, for example, if you living in that area or planning to move there.

But why go Directv? Because it is digital and offers you all the goodness of high definition shows and programs even without an HD television, even the local TV programs. There are lots of options for international programs too! And you get more value for your money because it offers more programs than cable TV can.

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Chubskulit Rose said...

Tumpak, very well said. I just got done unpacking our stuff.. It's hard but I'm glad we're back, we are now enjoying our direct TV too hehehe.


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