Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mugs Make Good Souvenirs

I really love to travel, go sightseeing, explore a place and to stop by a local coffee shop to find out what they have got. I have enjoyed countless cups and mugs of coffee, tea and other drinks at different places that I have lost count. Sometimes, the coffee is really good that I want to take a piece of that place with me. And when they have souvenir mugs sold, I try to buy one for myself. Just to remind me that I once had a drink there. More often than not, these local coffee shops don't have souvenir mugs. The bigger and more popular coffee shop chains do have their promotional logo mugs. But since they are available from where I came from, it defeats the purpose.

Just a few of the souvenir mugs in my possession.

So what's the second option? To go to a locally accredited souvenir shop and buy mugs from there. And because it is local, you are sure that the designs are exclusive and could not be found anywhere else. I have a collection of souvenir mugs way back in the Philippines given to me by family and friends. And I don't just display them in the cupboards. I really use them. What's a mug for when you can't enjoy your favorite hot chocolate drink or coffee in it, right?


Enchie said...

I totally agree with mugs as souvenirs. It's a souvenir which you can actually use.

Chris said...

i used to have personalized mugs.. i think they are good gift items!

redamethyst said...

it's not just good as souvenir but also as gifts. I gave some mugs as gifts last Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I am mug collector from Malaysia, please write to me if you interested for mug from Malaysia.

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