Monday, October 19, 2009

You Don't Have To Work Hard To Be Happy

Yes, you don't have to. I believe it. Mommy Seiko believes it. And I guess many of you believe it too. If you have been visiting Seiko's Diary and have diligently read her posts down to the bottom of the badge, you will find this:

This photo clip says so much of Mommy Seiko: that her passion is her family and that just being with them, no matter how mundane the circumstances, brings sheer HAPPINESS to her life.

I have known Mommy Seiko through another blogger friend. I am intrigued about her life, being a mom to teenagers. I admire her strength and her flexibility... I know it can be hard at times to raise teenagers but she proved to have raised them very well because her daughters turned out very good. I also think she is very supportive of her daughters' passions and interests, and quite cool too to be going to motor cross races!

If you want to learn about her life story, she has summarized it in a letter lovingly written for her Mom's birthday. All I can say is that, your Mom has raised you well Mommy Seiko and I am sure all the sacrifices are worth it.


Seiko said...

Hello Mommy!
I was checking my FB & caught my eyes onto this.I never expected seeing this clip into yours & almost teary eyed upon reading it in here,a zillion thanks for the good words you wrote about me.Words aren't enough to express my grattitude.Really thank you so much.
Sweet dreams!

ryliej said...

I agree, Ate Jen is one devoted Mom and wife! A true friend too, no pretensions!

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