Saturday, October 31, 2009

Need Luck? Wear Jade!

Life can be difficult at times.

You might:
- have gone through rough relationships.
- have made bad decisions in your life.
- have lost your temper and lashed out at your little child.
- have been a victim of lies and insincerity.
- have felt that you didn't have enough to satisfy your material needs.

If you feel this way at times, you could use a little bit of luck. Where do you get your luck from? JADE Jewelry of course! Believed to offer protection, a sense of calm and luck in many areas of life, carrying it wherever you go in a piece of jewelry is a very good idea indeed! But of course, one must be cautious as to where one gets the jade piece. It should be made of 100% pure nephrite Jade. Otherwise, no luck will come. :D

That is why there is BillyTheTree for the real deal! They have a huge selection of 100% Jade jewelry at very reasonable prices. With the season of gift giving fast approaching, this is one great gift idea. You can send it directly to the recipient too as they ship worldwide for FREE!

I know someone who needs a little luck and any jade piece will do. I found the Jade and Carnelian Bead bracelet shown in the photo above from their fine selection of Jade Bracelets and I know they will be perfect. It looks very trendy and chic and I am sure she will like it! With such great design, I would be very happy to wear one myself.

So if you feel you are running out of luck, why not wear jade? You have nothing to lose if you believe in good luck and lots to gain.

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