Saturday, October 24, 2009

Food Trip Friday: A Filipino Feast

My apologies for my entry coming in late again. But I promised in my previous post that I will share the Filipino feast that we had last Saturday. So here they are:

Yup, that is a whole lechon! You can have also them here in Germany and I was sooo relieved! Of couse, a Filipino feast is not complete without the longganisa, pansit-canton, laing, menudo, afritada and adobong sitaw!

And with food like that, you will definitely forget about your diet! LOL! Want to see more mouth-watering stuff? Visit Food Trip Friday!


Jac said...

So yummy,can you invite me for dinner lol...

happy weekend =)

Genefaith said...

So yummy! Nakakamiss ang lechon..ala yan dito eh...Got a atg for you friend:

Thanks sa visit sis...Just got back from Bangkok this morning and busy preparing something for my baby and father's bday:)

Unknown said...

Wow fiesta na fiesta talaga mommy kikamz completos rekados ahhhh. nagtuloakong laway oi nag lalaway ako sa mga pagkain mo. Nakakamiss ang fiesta sa atin, pahingi naman, ipa LBC ng whole lechon.

Willa said...

wow! a great feast indeed! sarap ng lechon, so crispy kahit sa picture lang, what diet?with food like that in front of me, I will absolutely forgot the term diet,I will die if I don't eat! lol!

VanillaSeven said...

Congrats on your contest winning Kikamz. Please email me your details :)

Chris said...

yummy talaga!

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