Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Am Buraot

I am what??? No, it's not me who is BURAOT but it's the name of a blog. And in case you are wondering, BURAOT is a Tagalog word which generally has a negative meaning, such as annoying, troublemaker, impatient, nonsense, kuripot in the sense that a person wouldn't want to spend money at all and depend on others for food, school supplies, etc. And just like many Tagalog words, the word changes in meaning in the way they are being used.

But the BURAOT I am talking about is not as described above at all.

I would find out that "I Am BURAOT" is all about the life of somebody who considers himself an antisocial. When I first visited this blog, I was taken to the home of the Entredropper, which is now on its 33rd list. It is THAT popular! The site itself speaks clearly that the blogger is an Entrecard user, with the signature black and yellow layout that made Entrecard known.

But wait, I cannot find his EC DROP widget and I find it odd. Surely, if you are promoting Entrecard such as the drop list that he has, he MUST have an Entrecard. Then my question was answered when I read that Entrecard deleted his account and the credits that go with it. A bit harsh, if I must say.

But there us more to this blog than just Entredroppers. As I browsed through the archives, I begin to know the blogger a little more. I love his entries about living and dying, his philosophies are clearly written in them. He writes with a passion that one can see in people who are skeptical about life but are hopeful still. And his writing is exquisite, you are almost transformed into his world. If you want to know what I am talking about, have a look at The Last Of A Dying Breed and you will understand.


bambie said...

hi! he does have great posts and some useful tips and tricks. :) i was looking for the EC widget as well but couldn't find it. i thought he canceled his account.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow sis, went to his blog and you are so right! He is a great writer actually! Ang lalim ng mga thoughts!

Yung meme pala bukas, si hubby daw gagawa hehehe.. mahilig kasi yun sa movies kaya give way ako hehehe..

riablahgs said...

mabisita nga yang si buraot ;)

fedhz said...

hello! join mo po ba to sa contest? hihi. wala kang nilagay pa na link eh. bale ung kay kaye at seiko palang.

yup, magaling talaga na writer si kuya Buraot. Idol ko yan. hihihi... bait pa. ^^

BURAOT said...


tenkyu po sa review. namumula tuloy ang pisngi ko.

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