Friday, October 9, 2009

Girl Talk: My Favorite Scent

When I was in my College years, I love to wear perfumes. But since I got married, I don't wear any perfume at all because Hubby gets sinus attacks each time he smells a whiff of any perfume in the air, especially the strong ones. What he can tolerate though is the scent of Baby Bench Colonia Bubblegum which I use on hot humid days to feel fresh. I love its lingering smell... But nothing beats that fresh scent of someone who just had a shower. It is my favorite scent of all! My Hanhan seems to think so, too! :D

But I sure miss wearing perfume on those special occasions. My favorite scents include Cool Water for Women and Clinique Happy. I'd be delighted and wouldn't mind receiving one for Christmas! Hehe!

What's your kind of smell? Check out other girls' entries from this ALL GIRLS meme hosted by Niko.


nikogirl said...

ow ow.. fave mo rin ang cool water??!! ihhh ako rin i woudn;t mind receiving clinique happy.. naku gusto ko rin yang amoy na yan! :) hihih

are u feeling better na ba kamz??? miss u ha.. pagaling ka!!

see u next week.. fave shoes naman tau..

anyways, tuloy pa ba ung book mo?? i will be going to the mall tom.. shop for our palawan trip.. kung tuloy sabay ko na sa aking konting shopping ek ek hihih

ingat lagi! kisses to u and sam! mwah mwah

Clarissa said...

We almost have the same perfumes,Mommy Kikamz!Cool Waters perfume is a girls fave talaga!!^_^

Meikah said...

Yeah, I head Bench has good scents. I should check it out one of these days. :)

My first Girls Talk entry is here.

darly said...

used to go crazy with clinique happy too back in college. The smell kasi is so sweet and feminine, i feel happy when im wearing it, teehee!

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