Saturday, October 31, 2009

Home Feng Shui

I know most of you are familiar with the term Feng Shui, which is an ancient Chinese Philosophy and translates literally to "wind water". Many believe that applying the principles of Feng Shui will help in balancing the energies in any environment to ensure the good health and good fortune of the people living in it.

The house is our chief environment and while we don't have much choice as to how it is designed especially if we are only renting it, we can still apply some feng shui so that the chi or energy will flow smoothly around the house.

If you have put up blinds or curtains on your windows, be sure that they are open during daytime so that sunlight can come inside the house. At night time, be sure that the curtains or blinds are closed as exposing the windows at night can bring bad luck. The materials of your curtains or blinds should of course be natural. Wooden venetian blinds are the most beneficial.

If you are looking for one, has a wide selection. Wooden blinds of every shape, size, color and design can be chosen from top brands. They have an an ongoing SALE that you wouldn't want to miss. They also offer FREE DELIVERY for orders above £50.00. Isn't that great?

Got plastic blinds? Chuck them! You can now have feng shui in your home and allow positive chi to come in by replacing your plastic blinds with the wooden ones. You are now on your way to living a harmonious, positive life!

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