Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Salt Journey

One of the many travel adventures that we had here in Germany was our trip to the Salzberg Mountain. It was a unique experience for us because we had to go underground to discover the wonder of the salt mines and learn more about "white gold".

In our overalls to protect us from the cold and our clothing from the salty air. The temperature udnerground is constant all year round at 12°C.

Before the trip, I had to browse and search the Internet for more information especially on the location since we will go there by car. I even had to search pdf files for the SalzZeitReise brochure and had them printed so that on the way, I can read to Hubby about where we are going and the adventure that awaits us. I am grateful for the Internet because information is readily available to us.

The Rutschen, the Schaustellen, a wall of brine crystals behind me, the miner's tunnel, the Spiegelsee and the mines.

I had an adrenaline rush while riding the scary mine's slide called the Rutschen. I was awed by the wonderful and warm colors of the brine crystals that graced the Schaustellen. I was mesmerized by the Spiegelsee (Mirror Lake). I was informed and educated on how important salt is and how it is processed. It was a very great adventure indeed!


Glenda is the name. =) said...

sounds pretty exciting trip... wish i could go there too! thank you for sharing!

darly said...

wow, exciting!

Kikit said...

yeah, sounds like an exciting trip. nature has a lot of wonders indeed.

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