Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cold Remedies For Your Toddler

Samantha caught the colds, AGAIN! She doesn't have any fever though and I am thankful for that. She sneezes a lot, especially during the day, and she has a cough too. Her nose is very stuffy she finds it difficult to breath and sleep. Getting her to take naps in the afternoons and to bed in the evenings is quite a task. She would run and cry each time she sees me holding a wet tissue or wipes and heading in her direction. I am glad though that she does not resist drinking her medicine anymore.

-please click on photo to read the poem and see sam more clearly-

So what should one do to treat the cough and lessen the congestion? There are many home remedies available online and here are some of the tips that I have tried and/or willing to follow because they are safe enough:
  1. Get your child off the milk and other dairy products for the time being as they can cause very thick mucus, which makes it difficult for your baby to clear. Tea and clear chicken broth will do the trick. To sooth irritated throats due to coughing, mix one part lemon juice and two parts honey in a little warm water.
  2. Create your own steam room: let your shower run on hot and be sure to keep the bathroom door closed to keep the steam in. Sit with your little one inside the bathroom for 10-15 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day. This should help with the congestion.
  3. Give your little one a vapor bath. Johnson and Johnson Soothing Baby Vapor Bath is very good.
  4. Keep the room where your little one sleeps in moist to prevent the secretions from drying out. A cool mist humidifier will help. If there is none available, you can improvise by hanging wet, warm towels inside the room.
  5. Apply some baby rub on your baby. Most use Baby Vicks but I use the one that the pharmacist recommended for toddlers. It does help Sam breath easier especially during bed time.
So there you are Mommies. I hope this will help you treat your little one's colds too! Cheers!


niko said...

thanks for the tips kamz!!! will follow this for yena :)

hope sam gets well soon.. hirap pa nmn pag sick sila kasabay nun pagpayat.. :(

ingat lagi ha!

Chris said...

thanks for the tip! toby just had a cold... :( thanks be to God he is now better!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this mommy kikamz i might try some of it. their cold medyo wala na but the cough is hard kaya medyo paos na mga boses nila. thanks again kikamz.

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