Friday, May 15, 2009

Am Addicted To You

A fun tag by Niko of Niko's Blog. Life is filled with sweet addictions and choosing only 5 is quite a task! So I hope I have chosen the first 5 that is closest to my heart!

So here are my TOP 5 Addictions:

1. Family and Friends - Come hell or high waters, life will never be complete without them! I cannot live a day without saying Hello, catching up, hugging or patting their backs for an achievement made.

2. Internet, Twitter and Blogging - These have kept me occupied on a daily basis. A day is not complete without checking my online accounts that vary from emails to social networks, writing tweets and updating my blogs! I need to take opps from time to time too!

3. A Good Book - I always take the time to browse for some good books online or at book stores! I always love a good read and I have my own wishlist on Shelfari! So if you happen to have a copy that you don't need anymore, you can give it to me. I will be very glad to accept it!

4. Movies and Music - They go together for me because I have equal likeness and level of addiction for them. I can listen to any genre and watch any movie. My inclinations lately have been on Jack Johnson and Millow, Avatar, Filipino Romantic movies and Chick flicks.

5. Fresh Flowers - My week is not complete without buying fresh flowers! A bunch for my dining table and a bunch for my altar! A house becomes a home with fresh flowers in it!

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