Friday, May 29, 2009

Mommy Moments: With The Oldies

mommy moments

I have missed last week's theme of Mommy Moments so I hope you will indulge me with this post.

Samantha hasn't had her first haircut yet despite her being 15 months old already, so that is another excuse for not posting this week's theme! :D I know that I should cut her hair already so that it will grow faster but I guess I am too afraid to do it myself. Knowing her, I know she would shake her head once I try to keep her still and do something to her hair. She even hates wearing hats, headbands or anything that covers her head, a thing that I call her "Head Wear Blues."

So there...

Samantha has only seen her grandparents from both sides of the family when we went on a two-week vacation in the Philippines last February. It was too short a time for them so that we had to divide the time spent in each household. And they were sooo happy to see her!

Clockwise: When we arrived at the airport, Mama, Tatee, Kuya J, Kuya M and Miggy were there to meet us; Photo ops with my parents and cousins at the mall while waiting for our turn at the photo studio; Papa with his two grandchildren. We just woke up here and Papa just got home from work; Mama, proudly holding her "apos".

Our family picture: Standing L-R: our youngest Kuya M, Mama, Papa, Kuya J (Tatee's Hubby)
Seated L-R: Hanhan, Me and Sam, Manang and Miggy, Tatee (eldest).

Sam with her Mama & Kuya Miggy. My mother doesn't want to be called Lola. So does Papa, he doesn't want to be called Lolo. The third photo is Nanay, Hanhan's mother, taken during Sam's christening and first birthday celebration.

Clockwise: At Sam's Christening and 1st Birthday celebration; Sam with Nanay and Tatay; Sam with Tatay, Hanhan's father; Nanay and Samantha on her born day, February 28th. She was so delighted to see so many kids that Nanay invited".

I know you love to see your kids bond with their grandparents too! I have seen entries from last week that said it all. And those exciting first haircuts are milestones worth the wait and the "trouble". More of those first haircutes here.


bambie said...

happy family… i also miss my folks back in the PI… iba talaga pinas, masaya and close lahat. Good for baby sam =)

chris said...

great pictures!

Mommy Jac said...

All the pictures are lovely and sweet mommy….Picture perfect =)

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