Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pens of Hope in Davao

Can you see the hope in this child's eyes?
Come help us make her dreams come true
by sharing a pen or two!

Original Photo by *AgL*

Kikit, a dear friend and co-SICO volunteer back in college sent me an IM telling me to check out my Facebook account because she has a message for me there. She added that it contains the reason why she wasn't able to blog and comment lately. It sounded urgent so I checked. Having read it, the volunteer in me just can't help but write this post.

Way back in college, I used to volunteer for SICO (Social Involvement Coordinating Office) and pride myself in making a difference in this world. I used to climb mountains and cross rivers literally to get to the Indigenous Peoples and distribute food, clothing and seedlings. I used to travel to the rural areas to get a better glimpse of their lives and a deeper understanding of their situation. I used to be with children who are born to a far different circumstance than mine and gazed at their eyes filled with hope and resolve to rise from their situation. They were never sorry for themselves though, and take pride and happiness at the simplicity of their lifestyle. I want to see that look again. Now that I am no longer a student, and far from my home court at that, I still wanted to help and make a difference... no matter how small. I guess Kikit felt this NEED to help too. Thus, Pens of Hope in Davao is born! This is a project inspired by Nortehanon or Miss N, the initiator of this project. Aware that there are also many young children in the island of Mindanao who are very less fortunate to even afford their own pencils and pens, this project is just the answer.

Count me in Kit! It is indeed Great to be INVOLVED again!

To all my blogger friends who have a generous heart and a pencilcase full of pens and pencils that are barely used, we will be very glad to accept them! Please check back here or here from time to time for updates and more info on how we are going to do it.

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