Monday, May 11, 2009

One HAIL Of A Day!

Yesterday afternoon, I was quite surprised to hear drumming sounds on our roof. I thought at first it was just a downpour. Moments later, it sounded like pebbles, lots of them, as if they they were being thrown over our apartment building. Then when I looked outside, it was indeed like pebbles... then I realized it was hail. WHAT??? We were having HAIL in Spring! Perhaps it comes every now and then here, at times when you least expect them. But during these months, you never know. It's a good thing that I didn't have a landscaped garden like the landscape design in Scottsdale AZ or else I would be left with a ruined one! When we went out for a drive after the rain and hail, leaves were scattered everywhere - on the roadside, on top of cars, in the front yard - as if a giant lawnmower has gone kaput! And it got me thinking, it must be very tasking to do all that yard cleaning!

I love cool spring days minus the hail of course! I wish that it would stay this way the entire year... not too cold and not too hot either.

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Intelligence Is A Curse said...

I’ve experienced hail the size of golf balls. Very scary, and it does quite a number on your car and can put a few holes in the roof.

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