Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Weekend Getaway in Bavaria

I have been away from May 21st to 25th. I am sorry for the sudden absence last weekend and for not informing you that I will be gone for a while. Anyway, I will tell you what kept me busy during those days.


May 20th, Wednesday, the day before Father's Day.
I learned from hubby tonight that their company is pushing through with the plan to make May 22nd a company holiday. Since May 21st is Father's Day, that means we will have a long weekend. So what are we going to do then? Sightseeing is the best option! München (Munich) is the place to go then! It is such a hurried decision so I had to make haste with the preparations. Must remember to bring everything that Sam needs. Hubby says he'll take care of the itinerary and the hotel reservation. So that's one thing off my list.

May 21st, Thursday, Father's Day.
We hit the road this morning. Argh!! The weather wasn't cooperating much.. it was raining on our way here. Thankfully, the skies cleared upon our arrival at our first stop of the day, the Schloss Neuschwanstein (Neuschwanstein Castle) in Schwangau. The road trip proved to be very relaxing with the Bavarian Alps in view as we were approaching our destination. It felt like I was in a picturesque dream: green hills, cool mountain air, farms on either side of the road... and me singing "The hills are alive with the sound of music...." LOL!

Since Schloss Neuschwantstein was situated on top of the Bavarian mountains, we had to walk our way up... It was quite a distance but the view to the "fairytale castle" was worth it! Will post photos of it in my next post, PROMISE! We also bought a souvenir... a snow globe of the castle. I'm hoping the family could go back in winter, but then again, it would be too cold! Nah...

I later on discovered that Schwangau is also home to Schloss Hohenstein and the Alpsee (Lake Alps).

After Schloss Neuschwanstein, we were planning to visit Schloss Linderhof but time is against us. We decided to drive for Munich instead. Another two-hour drive for us. WHEW!

May 22nd, Friday
We went on a bus tour around the city. Got on the doubledecker bus at 920AM and took lots of photos! Good thing the battery didn't go empty since I remembered to recharge. Hehe! Our tour consisted of 8 stops, where we had the option to hop on/hop off in each stop. It only takes two and a half hour if you don't get off the bus, but it took us five since we hopped off at Stop#4 and Stop#7. It was a live guided tour and was thankfully, bilingual! Was excited at first to hear about the great buildings, monuments and the history but later got tired of listening. They can't blame me... it can really get boring sometimes. :D

Munich is such a beautiful city with a very colorful history... with the reign of kings in times past and of course, the Third Reich. With lots of great architecture and museums and beer too!

Then by 3PM, we said "Auf Wiedersehen" and drove back to Stuttgart for our Sto. Niño prayer meeting at 6PM.


An exhausting trip but very exciting and memorable for the family. Was sick Saturday and Sunday but feeling better by Monday. Can't wait for our next adventure!


joe-ann said...

great, that you enjoy your trip here in Munich. We are in Unterschleissheim, a landkreis of Munich. Around 20 min train ride. We’re also planning to go to Stuttgart by first week of June.

niko said...

kaya pla pagod na pagod ang byuti mo!! kamz i sent u email! pls reply ha.. mwah

kamz said...

@ joe-ann: cool! so you’re coming here in stuttgart in june! hope to catch a glimpse of you. :D

@ niko: naglagalag ang byuti ko aniknik! just replied to your email. sorry, natagalan po. hugs!

Kikit said...

Dili ko kabasa sa mga lugar k. hehe :) Glad to hear you’re having fun there. :)

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