Thursday, May 7, 2009

Even Science Musems Are Affected

According to CNN, Interactivity in museums ... in years past you would go to a science museum and look at the marvels that man had made or discovered ... informative, interesting, but something was lacking ... then came the idea of interactivity ... touch, feel, explore, experience ... and amazingly, we learn! Yet, we have this thing called a recession ... maybe it's global ... and "Only 16 percent of the nonprofits expect to cover their operating expenses this year, while 52 percent anticipate the recession will have a long-term or permanent negative effect on their organizations."

Yes, even museums get affected by the recession too because they only get lesser visitors in a day because people are tight on budgets. And science museums are an important part of a person's education for without it, we would't better understand how things work and we wouldn't get a glimpse of the future. So learn and support and visit the museum today.

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