Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Hanhan!

My still sleepy hubby as he is about to unwrap his present. :D

Hubby turns a year older today.

I have been thinking real hard which gift to give him and have only decided to buy one yesterday. I have been planning to surprise him with a gift that he will really love. I was contemplating on how best to give it to him.

At first, I was thinking of putting the gift in the car and treat this day like any "ordinary" birthday with just a greeting and a kiss from me. And when he gets in the car and sees that he has a birthday present, he will really be surprised and couldn't wait for the day to end so that he can come home and thank me for it. But it was too agonizing for me to wait and see how he would react and went on with Option Number 2.

So early this morning, I woke him up, kissed him and sang him a Happy Birthday song and handed him a wrapped present. He was too sleepy still and as if he was dreaming, received the gift, and closed his eyes again. After a while, he opened his eyes again and realizing that he just received a wrapped present, exclaimed "So this is why you went out yesterday!" I was even teasing him last night and asked what he wants to receive for his birthday. His reply was very touching: "As long as you and Sam are happy, then there is nothing else I could ask for."

It really came to him as a surprise. You see, he has been so used to not receiving gifts for his birthdays that he isn't expecting anything anymore. Not that I don't give him gifts, they just arrive late when we were still a couple because I still had to send it all the way to Japan.
And I just loved seeing the look on his face as he carefully unwrapped the gift, and was even happier to see him find out what was inside.

Happy Birthday Hanhan! May you always be blessed as I am blessed to have you as a hubby and a father to Sam. We love you!


Enchie said...

Happy Birthday to your Hanhan!

Kikit said...

Happy Birthday Binsoy! K, ako sad wala naanad ug dawat ug gifts sa akong birthday. Haha :)

shals said...

ingna si binsoy happy birthday pud ha..:) mingaw na ko ninyo… unsa diay ang gift? hehe.

kamz said...

@ te shal: it’s an ipod nano! heehee!

niko said...

aw sweeetness mo naman kamz!!! dami langgam oh!! hahaha

happy birthday to ur hanhan!! galante ka huh!! weeeeee

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