Friday, February 26, 2010

Song From A Mom's Heart

Music has been an essential part of Samantha's life. From her conception until today, I see to it that she has a daily dose of music and songs to sing.

When I was still pregnant with her, I would usually listen to Hillsong. It's a Christian band that plays great Christian music. I especially love to sing None But Jesus especially when my paranoia strikes me and my wild imagination will lead me to think of Sam having 12 fingers or worse, and I am comforted.

When Samantha was born, I still play these songs to her along with my favorite Jesuit Hymns. I also exposed her to nursery songs and lullabies. She could never sleep without a hele. Me and her Daddy became instant singers at home just to send her to Lalaland... We even had a duyan or hammock assembled so that she can better sleep. I sing to her Lullaby, And Goodnight but I never really got around to memorizing it so I would just use my own words and hum it to her. There's also a song that I composed and eventually sing to her. Part of the lyrics goes something like this:

Little Sam, we love you so... little Sam, just so you know.
Little Sam, soon you'll grow... little Sam, be a good girl though.

I just love to reminisce all those sleepless nights.

Now that she is bigger, she can hum a few lines from the songs that she hears especially from her favorite cartoons. She can also sing Ave Maria with so much gusto! I just know that when my little girl learns to really speak, she will love singing all the wonderful Christian songs for kids that I have prepared for her.

Singing to your children is a good way to bond and spend quality time with them.

So how about you Mommy? What is the song that your heart sings?

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chris adventures said...

Thanks for sharing your entry. Happy mommy moments.

Anonymous said...

Ave Maria? Wow! The last time my son listened to Kids Praise CDs was before he went to a big school :(

Nice song you composed there. Very touching and heartfelt. Happy Weekend!

niko said...

aw.she sings ave maria now?? sam is really a good girl :) galing..

yena loves to sing alleluia and papuri sa diyos :)

yay. sing sila together sa church someday!!

Chris said...

happy birthday Sam :) this week's theme makes all mom reminisce to our kids newborn days, doesnt it? :D really special times

Genefaith said...

i agree with you marce, singing is a good way to bond with our kids...

Genefaith said...

ngayon i sing with Hyzyd and he dances..LOL! nakakaenjoy na mga toddlers ano...

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